How it works

Send us an email with your details and what we can do for you (mastering, cutting, package etc.)
You can include a WeTransfer link in this email or send the files separately.
If you order a vinyl cut it will be done at 1 to 1 and Basic Mastering as quickly as possible.
With Analog Mastering the cut will be done after you approved the mastered files.

Turnaround time

Normally one or two working days for the 1 to 1 cutting and Basic Mastering.
Analog Mastering takes two to five working days - depending on utilization.
Basic Mastering with vinyl cut package takes two to three working days.
To be 100% sure please ask us when sending the order and files.

File formats

We accept files in these formats: .wav and .aif in 44.1kHz, 16bit and 24bit.

For all other formats BEFORE you go on please click HERE to send us an email and find out more

Prepare: Your sound

Please make sure not to have extreme stereo-effects on the frequencies below 300Hz.
So for example no kickdrum sound on one channel panned all left and another kickdrum sound on another channel all right.
This would result in problems that we can not fix - and also it is not possible to cut this to vinyl and will never sound in a club like it does in your studio.

A good way to check for these kind of stereo problems is to always check how your music sounds in MONO.
If there is a problem the sound that causes a problem will completely or almost completely disappear when you press mono.

Prepare: Your volume

The more a track is already compressed the more hard it will be for us to do a good Analog Mastering.
For Basic Mastering it does not really matter.
For Analog Mastering it is better to give us a version with les compression and another "demo" with the compression you want to have.
The maximum level of your files can be at -0,1 dB.
A file with -6dB or less is not that perfect and the level needs to be changed by us to -0,1 dB before we can work with it.

Prepare: Working with an analyzer

We strongly recommend working with an analyzer to check your master output. Doing this will train your ears with visible feedback and you can always see and check what is going on.
As well you can instantly see for example if there is some sub bass trash on a sample that does not belong there.
A very good analyzer for all with RME audio cards is the free
RME - Digi Check Tool.

Our job: sound and volume

There is no perfect sound. It depends on personal taste and of coarse on the sound system, settings and acoustics
Extreme compression and loudnes war is not what we normally do.

Vinyl: Playtime and RPM

For a loud soundng vinyl we recommend the following playtimes:

7" SINGLE not more than 5-6 minutes
10" MAXI maximum 12 minutes
12" MAXI maximum 15 minutes

RPM depends on length and sound of the music.
It might result in a louder volume to cut at 33 RPM
If you prefer 45 RPM we need to know before and will let you know about level issues after checking the tracks.