We have two mastering options:

    Basic Mastering:
    EQ. and compressor/limiter plugins will be used to improve the sound and volume of a track.

    Analog Mastering:
    with our analog compressors and equalizers etc.
    The tracks are played back on one computer going through a high-end 24bit D/A converter.
    From there the signal is going through a chain of finest analog EQs. and compressors. The signal is then recorded on a second computer after going through another 24bit converter.
    Adding frequencies with the analog EQs result in a special sound from warm and soft to hard and aggressive - depending on the wanted sound result. 
    Our compressors sound from extremely pumping to almost inaudible compression.
    Also the option for treating the mono/mid and stereo/outside signal parts individually gives a quality that you cant really compare to the usual plugin treatment. 
    The stereo width of a track will be increased as well which gives a higher quality impression and adds space and width to the original track.
    The Analog Mastering, because of the way it works, only makes sense if you are up for a little change in the sound.
    Since the track is converted to analog, then processed and back through the converter into digital it is only natural
    not to be sounding the same any more and in fact thats what gives it that special sound.
    So if you want to have your track as unchanged as possible and only the "problems" fixed - if there are any -
    then the Basic Mastering with plugins is better.